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Packaging Design

Package designers work with clients and creative teams to develop eye-catching, cost-effective and safe packaging for products.

Package designers help clients meet marketing needs by creating attractive packaging for products using creative software and sketches. Strong interpersonal skills are often necessary, because package designers work with accountants and business professionals to create cost-effective packaging that meets consumer demands. ...

Consultancy Service

With rich industry experience and domain knowledge, we have been able to provide our customers with in-depth knowledge about various Packaging Materials and related information.

We have a state of art design studio equipped with latest CAD/CAM programs where our packaging engineers are in a position to do the failure mode analysis, to detect the special qualitative problems, & resolve it in clear and precise manner, which is economical and defined to the Cutomers for handling of the of th actual material....

Packaging Techniques

The packaging of products is one of the most important aspects for every company. Well-thought-out and planned packaging techniques can inhibit or enhance sales.

There are various ways of packaging Alfresco extensions. This section of the documentation describes various ways in which extensions can be packaged, including packaging as a module using the AMP file format...